Built for the Festival Environment

ElevateĀ®, the most advanced festival ticketing available. Easy to use, simple to understand, eminently flexible and supported by peerless service.

  • Service: Our clients consider our client service managers their advocate, partner. and often a member of their own team.
  • Payment Plans: We make it affordable for festival-goers to buy more and buy more often with ezPay, our customizable payment plan.
  • Reserved Seating & Camping / Single Day Seating: Promoters have the ultimate flexibility to sell reserved seats and campsites.
  • Fraud Prevention: Protechtix, our proprietary module that proactively identifies and addresses suspicious charges before our clients ever lose a dime.
  • On-Site Support: We're boots-on-the-ground, at the festival to help out: we train staff, troubleshoot, and help to manage access control.
  • Credentials: Seamless integration with Pulse RFID access control and festival logistics platforms - plus more.
  • Online Renewals / Advanced Sales: Our apps sell next year's seats and reserved campsites so loyal customers can buy, 12 months or more in advance.
  • Expansive Offering: Over 50 festival-centric features built just for festivals.

We Know the Festival Life-cycle

It's the insight we have, that others don't. Our team of industry gurus recognize that every festival is unique. And that's the beauty of it. The goal? Working together to create a sales and control strategy that implements our suite of products throughout the festival life-cycle - in the most strategic way possible.

Many of North America's most respected festival brands rely on us to help make their event a success every year. And with years of hours logged in-the-trenches, we use a powerful blend of experience, technology, and people to conquer the complexities of the festival environment.

Our Systems Work

Our solutions are built to make your life easier, make your decisions better, and give your fans more choice and more value. With our team of festival experts on your side, and our powerful technologies in your corner, our partnership produces results for you in no time. Find out why every year, more of North America's most renowned destination festivals join us.